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Strength Based Counseling

August 27, 2016Posted by: Sylvia | 

When people think of therapy, all too often they visualize themselves lying on a couch and speaking in a stream of consciousness while a counselor nods and takes notes. Fortunately, therapy doesn’t have to be a slog through tragic memories and hurt feelings with little effect except disturbing recall.  Counseling is meant to empower you, accentuate strengths and give you a positive outlook on life.  Therapy can bring about a better future by bringing meaning and purpose to a difficult past.  (more…)

What Type of Therapist Should I See?

June 22, 2016Posted by: Sylvia | 

You’ll easily find a variety of therapists in San Diego, but then will be faced with the decision of which type of therapist to see and what medium to be seen.  After all, there are a range of therapies and therapists to choose from, and the right therapist for you may be drastically different than the right therapist for another person.

Below are the different types of therapies: (more…)

7 Things Anyone Can Learn From Counseling

May 2, 2016Posted by: Sylvia | 

Deciding to begin counseling is the beginning of an amazing journey. Making the choice to begin your path to emotional and relational well-being opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities in self-actualization, healing and personal triumph. There are many things you can discover about yourself and the world around you through the counseling process and here are seven core discoveries many people can internalize from their counseling experience. (more…)

To Give or to Get?

February 26, 2016Posted by: Sylvia | 

I’ve been a counselor for over fifteen years and whether I’m in session with someone young looking for a partner, or seeing a couple with many years of marriage behind them, more often than not, people speak about what they want from the other person and the relationship. Couples spar back and forth about their partner not doing enough, being enough or giving enough. The single man or woman spends time talking about what qualities they hope that other special someone has they want to meet. While it’s good to have a firm grasp on your needs and have appropriate boundaries, one of the consistent weaknesses I encounter is people being too focused on what they want to get and not what they have to give. The question I often ask is, “While you have a very good grasp on who Mr. or Ms. Right is, are you going to be the right person in turn they are looking for?” Many spend a great deal of time focusing on who and what they want to find without considering whether they will be a good match when found. (more…)

10 Myths about Counseling

January 2, 2016Posted by: Sylvia | 

Are you considering counseling?  Maybe you feel you might benefit from counseling, but have heard negative comments about the therapeutic process.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there.  As a therapist in San Diego with over 15 years of experience, I can definitely speak to this issue!  If counseling is something you’re contemplating for the New Year (or any time of year), I hope the below will be useful helping you decide whether counseling is right for you.

1. Counseling is only for severe problems.

Counseling can be beneficial for a wide variety of issues including stress, relationship problems, life transitions, anxiety, spiritual issues, codependency and much more. (more…)