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Spotting the Signs of Emotional Abuse

October 7, 2019Posted by: Sylvia | 
Couples Counseling

Many clients come to counseling wanting to address what they already know to be emotional abuse.  Others seek out therapy led by their intuition not yet able to name the dynamic taking place with their partner that often worsens with time.  Unfortunately, a large percentage of clients ultimately choose to remain in an emotionally abusive relationship but there are many who take the steps towards well-being and leave the toxic relationship behind.    (more…)

How to Deal with Difficult Family Members

September 4, 2019Posted by: Sylvia | 
Image: difficult family members

Difficult Family Members: Dealing and Coping

We either have them or know someone who has them.  We’ve seen them humorously or dramatically portrayed on stage or TV, read about them in books or have listened to friends describe their all too colorful experiences.   Whether it’s the embarrassing uncle who drinks too much, the domineering sibling, the critical fatherdismissive mother or the creepy cousin, most families have at least one difficult-to-navigate family member and sometimes a whole crazy bunch.  With the holidays around the corner, this is a time when anxieties and tempers often flair and moods are prone to dip.  I hope the following tips are helpful if you find yourself facing time spent with challenging or toxic family members.  (more…)

Aim with Intention and Move with Consistency

July 24, 2019Posted by: admin | 
Image: aiming with intention for life coaching

Facing Uncertainty, Depression and Fear with Intention

One of the toughest things to bring into being is action while facing uncertainty.  The ability to do so defines much of what we call discipline.  For some, it appears to come quite naturally while others struggle greatly.  A few appear unfazed and uncaring about what they could or couldn’t do and ignore their own possibility.  Some fret and wring their hands as they feel duty-bound to action the whole while fearing failure when already leaps and bounds ahead of the curve.  Still, others calmly undertake challenges with steadfastness regardless of the terrain.  Action is what brings potential into being and it defines and shapes our life in the form of adventure and the values expressed through behavior.  (more…)

Online Counseling Now Available

June 17, 2019Posted by: Sylvia | 
Image: online counseling in California

Secure Online Counseling in California

I am happy to announce the option of online counseling not just for my San Diego clients but any person in California.  Online counseling is convenient, can be utilized by individuals and couples and is more than half the cost of in-office therapy.  Many people wonder how it works and I hope this blog post will answer that question.

Before experiencing and working with clients via online counseling, I was skeptical as to what kind of “relationship” could be forged between me and my clients since relationship and connection are essential to the process of therapy.  (more…)

The Truth Be Told: Honesty in Relationships

June 3, 2019Posted by: Sylvia | 
honesty is the best policy

Honesty is Always the Best Policy but Not Always the Easiest

Aside from reasons you were given growing up, why tell the truth?   Over the many years of being a therapist, I’ve been witness to many explanations justifying not telling the truth but much fewer rationales for truth-telling.  Truth be told, honesty can be tough.  It doesn’t make us look good all the time.  There can be some downright uncomfortable consequences from it.  We can lose things and people we want because of it.  But, in the long run, it’s our ally and through it, we grow into ourselves and relationships.

From a relationship perspective, the benefit of truth-telling is fairly obvious.  Truth and transparency foster intimacy and understanding.  If a partner withholds the truth, there is less known about them by their partner and distance intercedes.  Intimacy isn’t always warm, soft and comfortable.  (more…)