The Benefits of Individual Therapy

The benefits are often sizable when an individual finds a good therapist who stretches them out of their comfort zone to do challenging therapeutic work. Personal rewards for hard work in counseling usually consist of improvements in all areas of life, including the emotional, relational, and physical. People are integrated and not compartmentalized so improvements […]

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The Power of Gratitude on Mental Health

The Power of Gratitude

Giving thanks is a habitual custom around the time of Thanksgiving. Many of us blend or overshadow “giving thanks” with an opportunity for good food, a couple of days off work, and time well spent with family and friends. But “giving thanks” can be much more powerful than a once-a-year holiday comprised of over-eating, rest, […]

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Ways to Avoid Holiday Depression and Stress

Beat the Holiday Blues: Ways to Avoid Holiday Depression and Stress

Fall is a joyful time for many as the seasonal holidays approach but for some it’s a time of year leading to loneliness, stress, anxiety, sadness or depression. Some people become overwhelmed and feel stretched thin with holiday obligations while others feel alone and adrift as if they’re watching the holidays go by without feeling […]

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Understanding Communication in Relationships with Couples Therapy

Quiet Conflict: When Your Partner Refuses to Communicate

It’s a familiar and unfortunate dynamic I often see in couples counseling. One person is desperately trying to engage their partner to communicate and the other shuts down and won’t talk. It’s an obvious stalemate and no relationship can successfully endure this pattern for long. Why does my partner do this? How can I get […]

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How to Improve your Intimacy

Reasons You May Need Couples Therapy

All couples disagree in one way or another in their relationship. The conflicts may vary; some may be small, large, or recurring; whichever the case, it is important to explore and work on them for the relationship to continue thriving. The best solution is to visit couples therapy sessions to help sort out your issues.

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