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Online Counseling

Telehealth, also called online counseling, internet counseling or telemedicine, is quickly becoming a popular medium for individual therapy and couples counseling. This is due to improved technology, client convenience and reduced cost. I am happy to announce that I’m now able to offer online counseling to both former and new clients for individual therapy, couples counseling and premarital counseling.

What is Online Counseling and How Does it Work?

Online counseling is the same counseling you would get in my office, except it is done over video or telephone. The client chooses whether they want video or phone and they are free to alternate platforms from session to session depending on their desire. Video counseling is conducted online and doesn’t require the client to download any computer programs or sign up on any websites.

Video counseling is extremely simple to initiate and is HIPAA secure and compliant, guarding the client’s confidentiality. All is needed is high speed internet and a computer. I’ve even had clients use the video function over their smart phone because their computer battery died! Telephone counseling can be done via your cell phone or landline and gives clients a little more flexibility as far as location since they are not dependent upon internet. I prefer video for new clients and for couples because it allows me to form a better relationship with them and I can see visual cues.

What are the Benefits and Limitations of Telehealth Counseling?

Telehealth counseling offers several benefits. One is reduced cost as compared to in-office counseling. I’m able to offer the same quality counseling for a reduced rate. Another benefit is increased convenience of setting up an appointment since clients no longer have a commute and aren’t tied to traditional office hours. Another benefit is the convenience of having session take place in the comfort of my clients’ own home.

The limitations of telehealth counseling center around possible interruptions caused by technological failures and reduced ability for me to see non-verbal cues from clients such as body language. I have found that after a relatively short period of time, the inability to observe some non-verbal cues is inconsequential because of the relationship formed between me and my client. Regarding interruptions caused by technological failure, this is very rare and has not been an issue.

What Does it Cost?

The fee for online counseling is lower than in-office therapy due to decreased expenses on my end. Individual therapy, couples counseling and premarital counseling are $140 per session. I try and keep my rates affordable to help more people access therapy who couldn't otherwise afford it.

How Do I get Started?

First off, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to call or email me and I’d be happy to spend some time answering any questions. If you want to make an appointment, you can do so through my online scheduler or call me and I can tell you my availability and make it for you. For more detailed information about how the process, please visit my Therapy Guide page.

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San Diego Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a tool for healing and maintenance and can be effective at any stage in a relationship. I have worked with many couples by way of video counseling and my clients and I have been very satisfied with the process. Many couples seek counseling when they have exhausted all other options, but it’s a great resource to use when problems are beginning to surface. If a couple can gather tools to navigate disagreement when conflict is low, larger problems are often prevented because they have the needed skills to use in the face of future challenges. Disagreement is inevitable, but conflict is optional.

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Individual Counseling in San Diego

As a therapist, I believe that individual counseling gives people the opportunity to reflect and examine how they react to others based upon beliefs, fears, insecurities, and patterns influenced by past and present experiences and beliefs. I believe counseling should be a collaborative process. We don’t live in a vacuum and in counseling, it’s helpful to self-reflect accompanied by a therapist mirroring back what you might be missing.

Usually, people come to individual counseling because they are struggling with personal issues that affect happiness, motivation, relationships, activities, and/or work. To begin individual therapy, I want to understand your present circumstances, attain a basic understanding of your past (or more detailed depending upon your needs and desires) and together create goals that are important to you. In individual therapy, we explore patterns in life that block freedom, energy, growth, and connection with self and others.

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Premarital Counseling in San Diego

Build a strong foundation for the years to come! I offer premarital counseling and I am happy to say both myself and my clients have been very happy with it. It allows couples to meet with me via video in the comfort of their own home and the fees are substantially lower than in-office counseling.

Premarital Counseling highlights relationship strengths, exposes incompatibilities, and provides tools to build and maintain a better relationship. Premarital counseling offers a head start by addressing differences and enhancing strengths. Most of us wouldn’t hesitate to invest in what was meaningful to us, but a large percentage of couples still don’t invest in their relationship by participating in some form of premarital counseling. Studies indicate that overall, married couples who participate in premarital counseling have greater marital satisfaction, better communication skills and a lower divorce rate than married couples who don’t go through premarital counseling.

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