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Fees and Insurance


Individual counseling and couples counseling are now $90 per session.  My previous in-office fee was $160 per session but due to reduced overhead expenses, I am able to offer my clients the same quality of therapy but at a much lower cost.  For premarital counseling, I have premarital packages based on the number of sessions you choose and they run for approximately the same per session.  Please see my premarital counseling page for packages and fees.


I do not accept insurance.  Privacy, control, and medical diagnosis are the main reasons I don’t accept insurance.  Insurance companies limit and monitor the number of sessions a client is able to have, dictate how a therapist is able to work with a client and require a medical diagnosis be made which becomes a permanent part of your medical record.  Ethically, I have a hard time diagnosing someone with a mental disorder because most of my clients are not ill and deserving of such a label.  Confidentiality is also weakened as they have access to your clinical notes and records upon demand.  For these reasons and more, I have chosen not to accept insurance.