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Fees and Insurance


Individual counseling and couples counseling are both $150 per session.  If you cannot afford my standard $150, I have a sliding scale as low as $85 per session and you choose a fee within my range that works for your budget.  I don’t ask about income and use the honor system when it comes to setting a fee.  For premarital counseling, I have premarital packages based on the number of sessions you choose.  Please see my premarital counseling page for packages and fees.  Those fees are also negotiable if you cannot pay the customary price as I don’t want financial constraints to keep anyone from seeking services.


There is a scholarship set in place to help people access counseling who otherwise would not have the means.  This scholarship has been designated for those who do not have health insurance and who cannot afford therapy.  Reasons for seeking counseling are also considerations when determining eligibility.  There is a very low co-pay when using the scholarship and that is determined by ability to pay.  If you think you might qualify and would like to inquire, I’d be happy to discuss matters in more detail.  Please contact me by phone or email.


I only accept TriWest military insurance and am not contracted with any additional insurance companies.  But, you may be able to utilize your insurance benefits with me by asking your insurance company if you have out of network benefits.  If you have out of network benefits, I can provide you with the necessary and completed paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The amount reimbursed varies and you would need to talk that over with your insurance company.

Privacy, control and medical diagnosis are the main reasons I don’t accept insurance.  Insurance companies limit and monitor the number of sessions a client is able to have, dictate how a therapist is able to work with a client and require a medical diagnosis be made which becomes a permanent part of your medical record.  Ethically, I have a hard time diagnosing someone with a mental disorder because most of my clients are not ill and deserving of such a label.  Confidentiality is also weakened as they have access to your clinical notes and records upon demand.  For these reasons and more, I have chosen not to accept insurance.