Kick Starts Podcast: How Honesty & Generosity Anchor Every Good Relationship

Relationships are difficult. Romantic relationships take effort, consistency, and flexibility. Good friendships can even be difficult when circumstances don’t cooperate. It’s easy to fall in love and easy enough to meet people you like but it’s a different story to stay in love or maintain that friendship. It’s also hard to cultivate a strong and […]

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Steering Clear of Toxic Positivity

Kick Starts Podcast: Steering Clear of Toxic Positivity

Today I’m going to talk about toxic positivity. And you may have heard that phrase before. There’s a lot of focus on positivity and motivation out there right now, and that’s really good. I do the same thing in this podcast.

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Kick Starts Podcast: Why Can’t I Change?

Why is change so hard and why do so many of us take on goals and challenges only to walk away from them? On today’s episode I take a deeper dive into the process of change and what you need to know about yourself and the journey so you can continue moving closer to your […]

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Kick Starts Podcast: Keystone Habits

Today I’m going to talk about keystone habits. I’ll discuss what they are, why they’re important and how they can be the cornerstone for your new start. Habits don’t come easily but they’re definitely attainable. Explore how these habits set the tone of your whole day and how you can gain insight to attain more […]

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Stay Motivated and Be Successful

How to Stay Motivated and Succeed in 2023

It’s a bit astonishing that only 8% of people who make a New Year’s resolution will stick to it and achieve their goal. In fact, the second Friday in January has been coined “Quitters Day” because approximately 80% of people will have ditched their resolutions by then. While nobody can manufacture will-power for others, everyone […]

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