Forest Bathing Nature Therapy

Forest Bathing: Nature’s Therapy for Health and Healing

When I first heard the term “forest bathing,” I sort of rolled my eyes and chalked it up to one of several “woo woo” fads that come and go. But, after some preliminary exploration of the concept, I found it has been studied and researched since the 1990s. Forest bathing, known as Shinrin-yoku in Japan, […]

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Coping with a Breakup

How to Cope with a Breakup

Breakups can be incredibly painful, and the emotional toll they take can feel overwhelming. Whether the breakup was unexpected, or even initiated by you, the aftermath can bring about a host of negative emotions and even physical repercussions. As a therapist and a human being, I understand that healing from a breakup can be a […]

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Managing Fear

Managing Fear: Understanding the Psychological Origin and Physiological Response

Fear is a natural human emotion, and it plays a significant role in our lives. While it can protect us from danger, fear can also be paralyzing and limit our potential for growth and happiness. Over the years as a therapist, I’ve witnessed how fear can hold people back from living their best lives. While […]

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Healthy Communication in Relationships

Essentials for Healthy Communication in Relationships

Healthy communication is the foundation of successful and fulfilling relationships. As a licensed therapist, I often see clients struggling with issues in their relationships stemming from poor communication. Whether it’s a romantic partnership, a family dynamic, or friendships, effective communication is vital for understanding, empathy, and resolving conflicts. In this blog post, I’ll explore the […]

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Overcoming Sadness

Overcoming Sadness and Nurturing a Positive Self-Image

Sadness finds us all and is a natural response to life’s inevitable challenges, disappointments, and losses. As a therapist, my mission is to help you navigate these emotional hurdles and provide you with tools to maintain a positive outlook and sense of self, even in the face of sadness. In this blog post, I’ll explore […]

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