The Benefits of Individual Therapy

The benefits are often sizable when an individual finds a good therapist who stretches them out of their comfort zone to do challenging therapeutic work. Personal rewards for hard work in counseling usually consist of improvements in all areas of life, including the emotional, relational, and physical. People are integrated and not compartmentalized so improvements […]

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The Power of Gratitude on Mental Health

The Power of Gratitude

Giving thanks is a habitual custom around the time of Thanksgiving. Many of us blend or overshadow “giving thanks” with an opportunity for good food, a couple of days off work, and time well spent with family and friends. But “giving thanks” can be much more powerful than a once-a-year holiday comprised of over-eating, rest, […]

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Ways to Avoid Holiday Depression and Stress

Beat the Holiday Blues: Ways to Avoid Holiday Depression and Stress

Fall is a joyful time for many as the seasonal holidays approach but for some it’s a time of year leading to loneliness, stress, anxiety, sadness or depression. Some people become overwhelmed and feel stretched thin with holiday obligations while others feel alone and adrift as if they’re watching the holidays go by without feeling […]

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Understanding Communication in Relationships with Couples Therapy

Quiet Conflict: When Your Partner Refuses to Communicate

It’s a familiar and unfortunate dynamic I often see in couples counseling. One person is desperately trying to engage their partner to communicate and the other shuts down and won’t talk. It’s an obvious stalemate and no relationship can successfully endure this pattern for long. Why does my partner do this? How can I get […]

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How to Improve your Intimacy

Reasons You May Need Couples Therapy

All couples disagree in one way or another in their relationship. The conflicts may vary; some may be small, large, or recurring; whichever the case, it is important to explore and work on them for the relationship to continue thriving. The best solution is to visit couples therapy sessions to help sort out your issues.

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Reasons to See a Marriage Counselor

8 Reasons to See a Marriage Counselor

Marriage is not always easy and involves navigating life’s ups and downs and personal struggles while maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Falling in love and getting married can be relatively simple, but maintaining a strong marriage is often challenging. Commitment and healthy communication are two traits that help yield a happy marriage, but […]

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Premarital Counseling in California

Finding The Best Premarital Counseling and Why You Should Consider It

Before getting married, it’s good to consider premarital counseling. Counseling aids you in better understanding your spouse and working through issues before moving forward with marriage. Below, I look at finding the best premarital counselor in San Diego and how your relationship can benefit by investing in it.

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Tips for Choosing a Good Therapist

Tips for Choosing a Good Therapist

Sometimes, you may find yourself coming up short on coping while facing life’s challenges and demands. When this happens, you might decide to seek the support of a therapist. A seasoned and smart therapist can help you change your behavioral patterns, navigate life transitions, effectively handle relationship problems, self-esteem issues, and symptoms such as anxiety […]

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Tips for Finding the Right Premarital Counselor

Tips to Find the Right Premarital Counselor

If you’re engaged and wondering about premarital counseling, San Diego offers many opportunities to explore this form of counseling. It is an excellent way to increase understanding of each other and can help improve communication skills and solidify a solid foundation for a healthy marriage. These trust-building and relationship enhancing sessions can be extremely valuable.

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Grief Counseling

COVID-19, Community & Self Care

We are in a strange time and all of us are effected to some degree. Many are feeling unsettled, worried and concerned

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Self Reflection

Examine Your Motives

Sylvia Flanagan, LMFT discusses the importance of examining motives behind goals and values in order to remain authentic and truthful to self and others.

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Couples Counseling

Spotting the Signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is often minimized because it doesn’t involve physical abuse but the damaging effects are anything but small.

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Image: difficult family members

How to Deal with Difficult Family Members

Difficult family members are not so unusual, but knowing how to navigate them is. This blog post gives suggestions on how to manage unhealthy family dynamics.

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Image: aiming with intention for life coaching

Aim with Intention and Move with Consistency

Facing Uncertainty, Depression and Fear with Intention One of the toughest things to bring into being is action while facing uncertainty.  The ability to do so defines much of what we call discipline.  For some, it appears to come quite naturally while others struggle greatly.  A few appear unfazed and uncaring about what they could […]

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Image: online counseling in California

Online Counseling Now Available

Affordable online counseling now available. This blog post helps answers most frequently asked questions.

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honesty is the best policy

The Truth Be Told: Honesty in Relationships

Truth telling is fraught with responsibility, will hurt some, acknowledges our limitations and inefficiencies, but is integral to life’s meaning and purpose.

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pain is an important part of growing

The Promise in Pain

Loss and struggle, while difficult to traverse, is also the ground for growth, transformation and a life filled with more meaning and purpose. Sometimes just knowing there’s something waiting for us on the other side can make the journey more bearable.

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Honesty is the best policy Board

Honesty: A Gift to Self and Others

I have yet to meet someone in my private practice or personal life who said they were not honest.  I think most everyone says they’re an honest person.  But, my observation is that most of us are honest when it’s convenient for us… when it serves us and helps us feel better about who we […]

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Fresh start

How a Therapist Can Help Make 2017 a Better Year

At the beginning of any new year, many people are making resolutions for self-improvement. Working with a therapist can be an extremely effective way to help prioritize and meet your goals for the new year.  Most people consider the immediate gain and success they hope to achieve but often don’t consider the unintended benefits that […]

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Time Management

Time Management and the New Year

Sylvia Flanagan, MFT writes about the effects of our relationship with time and poor time management.

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Strength Based Counseling

When people think of therapy, all too often they visualize themselves lying on a couch and speaking in a stream of consciousness while a counselor nods and takes notes. Fortunately, therapy doesn’t have to be a slog through tragic memories and hurt feelings with little effect except disturbing recall.  Counseling is meant to empower you, […]

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What Type of Therapist Should I See?

You’ll easily find a variety of therapists in San Diego, but then will be faced with the decision of which type of therapist to see and what medium to be seen.  After all, there are a range of therapies and therapists to choose from, and the right therapist for you may be drastically different than […]

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Couples Counseling

7 Things Anyone Can Learn From Counseling

A person can benefit in multiple ways from counseling, but 7 common benefits are outlined in this post.

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What do i get?

To Give or to Get?

One common weakness I see in relationships and singles is people focus far too much on what they want from the other person and the relationship instead of what they have to give.

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