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Honesty: A Gift to Self and Others

I have yet to meet someone in my private practice or personal life who said they were not honest.  I think most everyone says they’re an honest person.  But, my observation is that most of us are honest when it’s convenient for us… when it serves us and helps us feel better about who we are in the midst of the situation we find ourselves.  Time and time again I see people choosing to conceal or partially disclose truth, deceive a person they love or outright lie when they are at the crossroads of serving others or serving themselves when faced with a difficult decision.  (more…)

How a Therapist Can Help Make 2017 a Better Year

At the beginning of any new year, many people are making resolutions for self-improvement. Working with a therapist can be an extremely effective way to help prioritize and meet your goals for the new year.  Most people consider the immediate gain and success they hope to achieve but often don’t consider the unintended benefits that can reveal themselves personally, physically and interpersonally as a result of counseling. Below is non-exhaustive list of how a therapist can help you start 2017 on the right foot, whether you are looking for a San Diego therapist or one in another area. (more…)

Time Management and the New Year

The new year brings about a time when many of us pause for self reflection. Resolutions aren’t for everyone, but most of us have a desire for change, growth or movement in certain areas of life. When I reflect on the majority of my clients, the main stress or complaint I hear about is the lack of time they feel in their life which leads to difficulty tending to relationships… with self, friends and/or family. Most people feel a squeeze in their life as lack of time forces us to make cuts often leaving self-care at the bottom of the list. But, at the end of the day there really isn’t a (more…)

Strength Based Counseling

When people think of therapy, all too often they visualize themselves lying on a couch and speaking in a stream of consciousness while a counselor nods and takes notes. Fortunately, therapy doesn’t have to be a slog through tragic memories and hurt feelings with little effect except disturbing recall.  Counseling is meant to empower you, accentuate strengths and give you a positive outlook on life.  Therapy can bring about a better future by bringing meaning and purpose to a difficult past.  (more…)

What Type of Therapist Should I See?

You’ll easily find a variety of therapists in San Diego, but then will be faced with the decision of which type of therapist to see and what medium to be seen.  After all, there are a range of therapies and therapists to choose from, and the right therapist for you may be drastically different than the right therapist for another person.

Below are the different types of therapies: (more…)