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Tips to Find the Right Premarital Counselor in San Diego

If you’re engaged and wondering about premarital counseling, San Diego offers many opportunities to explore this form of counseling. It is an excellent way to increase understanding of each other and can help improve communication skills and solidify a solid foundation for a healthy marriage. These trust-building and relationship enhancing sessions can be extremely valuable.

Premarital counseling is beneficial by helping couples spot problematic behaviors and patterns which could later stress marriages. Research supports the benefits of premarital counseling.  (more…)

COVID-19, Community & Self Care

We are in a strange time and all of us are affected to some degree.  Many are feeling unsettled, worried, and concerned and most social interactions have come to a halt.  I hope you are doing the best you can to promote self-care.  There are many different attitudes surrounding us now and I encourage you to stay positive, hopeful, and dynamic.  Now is the time to be creative whether you live alone, find yourself homeschooling your kids while trying to work, or live with roommates, a partner, or family.  (more…)

Examine Your Motives

Often in life, we take aim at things because we feel driven or feel pulled.  Feelings, whether they be passion, obligation, guilt or fear are often the motivators behind many pursuits in life.  I venture to say that most of us don’t really question the feelings which spur ambition and don’t honestly examine whether our goals are truly in our best interest.  While some people seem to soar effortlessly towards a chosen target, all of us at one time or another find ourselves slogging towards a vague objective we keep telling ourselves is noble and worthwhile.   But is it and how do we know if it is?  Part of honesty and self-understanding is taking the time to examine our feelings and motivations behind our chosen objectives in life.

Spotting the Signs of Emotional Abuse

Many clients come to counseling wanting to address what they already know to be emotional abuse.  Others seek out therapy led by their intuition not yet able to name the dynamic taking place with their partner that often worsens with time.  Unfortunately, a large percentage of clients ultimately choose to remain in an emotionally abusive relationship but there are many who take the steps towards well-being and leave the toxic relationship behind.    (more…)

How to Deal with Difficult Family Members

Difficult Family Members: Dealing and Coping

We either have them or know someone who has them.  We’ve seen them humorously or dramatically portrayed on stage or TV, read about them in books or have listened to friends describe their all too colorful experiences.   Whether it’s the embarrassing uncle who drinks too much, the domineering sibling, the critical fatherdismissive mother or the creepy cousin, most families have at least one difficult-to-navigate family member and sometimes a whole crazy bunch.  With the holidays around the corner, this is a time when anxieties and tempers often flair and moods are prone to dip.  I hope the following tips are helpful if you find yourself facing time spent with challenging or toxic family members.  (more…)