Individual Counseling

As a therapist, I believe that individual counseling gives people the opportunity to reflect and examine how they react to others based upon beliefs, fears, insecurities, and patterns influenced by past and present experiences and beliefs. I believe counseling should be a collaborative process. We don’t live in a vacuum and in counseling, it’s helpful to self-reflect accompanied by a therapist mirroring back what you might be missing.

Usually, people come to individual counseling because they are struggling with personal issues that affect happiness, motivation, relationships, activities, and/or work. To begin individual therapy, I want to understand your present circumstances, attain a basic understanding of your past (or more detailed depending upon your needs and desires) and together create goals that are important to you. In individual therapy, we explore patterns in life that block freedom, energy, growth, and connection with self and others.

An overarching goal of individual therapy is that through self-understanding and insight, you will make more satisfying choices, develop a greater sense of well being, and create more peace and contentment within yourself and with others. My hope is for you to gain a better understanding of yourself in relation to your experiences and relationships. Whether you want to develop more awareness as a means for personal growth, tackle a situational problem or break long-standing patterns that are interfering with life’s movement and relationships, individual counseling has benefits can help anyone improve their well being.

Therapy is not easy and the progress made is a combination of my contribution and the steps of change you are willing to take. Changing behaviors can be uncomfortable and painful but will lead to different outcomes. I will support and encourage you through the changes and as they become more familiar and you start seeing positive results, the difficulty eases.

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I offer individual counseling, couples therapy and premarital counseling. The issues I work with are diverse and range from problems arising from sudden circumstantial changes to long standing and complex struggles. My approach to counseling is varied since individual needs and circumstances inform the methods I use. I don’t approach any two people the same and personalize my methods for each situation and client. Click the button below to book a session and we can begin your journey to rediscovery.


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