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Individual Therapy Benefits

When an individual finds a therapist in San Diego who is a good match and stretches out of their comfort zone to do the needed therapeutic work, the benefits can be plentiful. The rewards usually consist of improvements in all areas of life including the emotional, relational and physical. Since we are integrated and not compartmentalized as people, improvements in one area almost always result in improving others. The same goes for the opposite… when we are negatively impacted in one area of life, those negative effects are usually felt elsewhere.

Emotionally, the benefits of successful therapy include an overall increase in well-being and life satisfaction. It usually leads to having more insight into self and patterns, experiencing less stress, and feeling more confidence.

Because individual counseling usually results in greater personal insight, this invariably leads to improved relationships. Increased awareness of self usually has a positive relational effect because our self understanding promotes increased understanding of others which leads to improved communication and responses. The “stories” we hold about situations begin to shift as we don’t personalize them as much, but see them for what they are. We see our part as well as the part of others, react less and respond with greater care, responsibility and confidence.

There is also a physical benefit commonly associated with successful individual counseling. When we are happier, less stressed and more confident, this usually leads to more energy, better sleep and the willingness to take better care of ourselves. It is difficult to care for ourselves effectively when we feel depressed, worried, anxious or insecure. When these feelings are reduced, our natural energy invariably replaces the former feelings of fatigue and heaviness.

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Improved Well Being