How Often to Attend Therapy Sessions

While I definitely have suggestions regarding how often I think someone should have counseling sessions, the decision is ultimately up to each client.

Ideally, I suggest an individual or couple come in weekly when they first begin therapy. If it is less than weekly, it’s common for people to feel they aren’t benefiting a great deal. This is because old habits die hard and too much time elapses in between sessions allowing for fresh insights to fade and old patterns of behavior to overtake efforts towards change.   There are some people who make good headway coming in every other week when they first begin therapy, but these clients are very motivated and make daily attempts to keep their thinking and behavior aligned with new insights. They also do other “homework” such as reading, journaling, connecting socially to a good support system, and a number of other things depending upon what issues they are addressing. For most clients, I suggest weekly counseling at the onset and then suggest decreasing the frequency of sessions as they make steps toward their goals.

Ultimately, my clients are in charge of how often they want to come in. I have many clients attending weekly, some bi-weekly and also some coming sporadically on an “as-needed basis”. I give my suggestions, but don’t dictate the terms and trust that each person knows what is best for him or herself. But, I will definitely speak up and voice my suggestions for my client to consider if I see a strong need.

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