What Type of Therapist Should I See?

You’ll easily find a variety of therapists in San Diego, but then will be faced with the decision of which type of therapist to see and what medium to be seen.  After all, there are a range of therapies and therapists to choose from, and the right therapist for you may be drastically different than […]

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Couples Counseling

7 Things Anyone Can Learn From Counseling

A person can benefit in multiple ways from counseling, but 7 common benefits are outlined in this post.

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What do i get?

To Give or to Get?

One common weakness I see in relationships and singles is people focus far too much on what they want from the other person and the relationship instead of what they have to give.

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Fact Myth

10 Myths about Counseling

Are you considering counseling?  Maybe you feel you might benefit from counseling, but have heard negative comments about the therapeutic process.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there.  As a therapist in San Diego with over 15 years of experience, I can definitely speak to this issue!  If counseling is something you’re contemplating […]

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Premarital Counseling

Areas to Explore Before Getting Married

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of your life. When you say “I do”,

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What to Expect from Your Counseling Sessions

There are times in life when working with an experienced therapist is a good option for re-framing life’s experiences or dealing with difficult situations and issues. You might be considering counseling to better manage a difficult circumstance, improve a relationship, or adjust to a life transition.

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Grief Counselor

The Benefits & Challenges of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a tough subject. Some of us navigate it fairly well, but most of us have a contentious relationship with the act of forgiving. I think part of the challenge of forgiving is due partially to misunderstanding what forgiveness really is and how it can benefit us.

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San Diego Therapist

How to Choose a Counselor

Deciding to seek the services of a counselor is a big step in the right direction when you want an empathetic listening ear. A qualified therapist is trained to provide you with insight and tools to improve your life,

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I’ve Been Cheated On. What Now?

Many clients who have been on the other side of infidelity question whether to go or stay in the relationship. Here are a few questions to consider.

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I offer individual counseling, couples therapy and premarital counseling. The issues I work with are diverse and range from problems arising from sudden circumstantial changes to long standing and complex struggles. My approach to counseling is varied since individual needs and circumstances inform the methods I use. I don’t approach any two people the same and personalize my methods for each situation and client. Click the button below to book a session and we can begin your journey to rediscovery.


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