Stay Motivated and Be Successful

How to Stay Motivated and Succeed in 2023

It’s a bit astonishing that only 8% of people who make a New Year’s resolution will stick to it and achieve their goal. In fact, the second Friday in January has been coined “Quitters Day” because approximately 80% of people will have ditched their resolutions by then. While nobody can manufacture will-power for others, everyone can acquire tools and strategies to aid them on their path towards achievement.

We can also learn from others who regularly reach their goals on a consistent basis. There are many good books, podcasts, and articles outlining the most important principles behind success and follow-through. Below I’ve compiled a list of the key principles practiced by those who are highly successful since there is a formula that follows a pattern. I hope this will help you achieve success however you define it!


Define your goals! Know what you want and make sure your goals are important to YOU, reflecting your values and not simply something you’ve taken on from outside yourself. Write down your goals. Make your goals are realistic, concrete, specific, and measurable. Goals like “I’ll wake up earlier” or “I’ll drink more water” or “I’ll write more” are set ups for failure. What time will you wake up? How much water will you drink a day? How often and how much will you write? Being precise with your target and organizing your plan and approach helps you be proactive towards success instead of reactive to failure. Plan each day either the night before or the morning of each day. Prioritize your goals and break them down into distinctive steps and timelines.


This may seem basic but like the slogan says, “Just do it!” There’s no better way to lose motivation and distance yourself from your goal than by not acting on it. Prioritize yourself and your goal by working on it daily. See yourself as already having achieved it and act on that vision daily. Act every day regardless of thoughts and doubts and the action itself will become reinforcing. Don’t give up. Put aside what isn’t useful. Stay accountable, determined, and creative regardless of circumstances and roadblocks. Eat the elephant one bite at a time.

Foster a Positive Attitude and Positive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk, doubts, and insecurities can be the biggest impediment to success. There’s a lot of scientific research regarding negative core beliefs and negative self-talk and studies prove that new neural pathways giving rise to positivity are created through positive thinking which essentially “overrides” the negative beliefs and associated neural pathways. Gratitude also lends itself to restructuring the brain through neuroplasticity, which affects part of the brain responsible for motivation. This “rewiring” of the brain is an exercise requiring consistency, dedication, and time. Lastly, failure is not to be feared unless you’ve given up! Failure is a lesson for learning and is a comma, not a period, unless you make it one.

Wake up Early

It’s a clear fact that the most successful people are early risers. It’s a common trait for high achievers to spring out of bed early to get things started. Waking up early is an opportunity to reflect, plan, strategize, get work done, and prepare for the day instead of rolling out of bed and scrambling to get to work, coffee in hand. A 2022 survey of over 1,000 CEOs found that 90% of those surveyed wake up before 7 a.m. and 64% wake up by 6 a.m. Studies also indicate that people who wake up early compared to those who sleep late regularly have a measurable income difference, with early risers earning more.

Practice Self-Care

Diet, exercise, and sleep are all fundamental to helping a person stay engaged, productive, and inspired. The body is the foundational powerhouse on which all other functions rest so it’s imperative to keep it healthy and in tune. Relaxation and recreation are also a part of self-care and, not surprisingly, relaxation often comes easier for those who are organized. Don’t make the mistake of shortchanging balance and body while expecting good results in other parts of your life.

Have Mentors

It’s no secret that highly successful and productive people have mentors. They seek out and utilize the wisdom of others who have manifested the type of results they want in their own life. Mentors can be friends, therapists, coaches, business associates, or anyone else who supports, teaches, challenges, and inspires you. You might be able to get through your journey alone, but you’ll get a lot more from it if you connect with people who can add depth and perspectives you don’t yet hold.


Yep, good old-fashioned reading. Not 2-minute bites taken from the web throughout the day. Most highly successful people are avid readers, and many read one book per week. Reading will increase knowledge immensely over time and will fundamentally change how you respond to situations and move through life. It will change the filter through which you view the world. People who read regularly make it a priority. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Give to Others

Another trait held in common by successful people is the desire to help others advance and succeed in what they’re pursuing. This could be the neighbor down the street, a misguided teen you know, or a junior colleague at work. Part of what gives our achievements meaning is the opportunity to turn around and encourage others during their journey.

I hope this post fosters energy, motivation, and encouragement! I wish you success this year in all your pursuits. If you would like support in your journey through motivational coaching, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer any questions and explore the possibility with you.

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