The Benefits of Individual Therapy

The benefits are often sizable when an individual finds a good therapist who stretches them out of their comfort zone to do challenging therapeutic work. Personal rewards for hard work in counseling usually consist of improvements in all areas of life, including the emotional, relational, and physical. People are integrated and not compartmentalized so improvements in one area almost always enhance others. The same goes for the opposite… when we are negatively impacted in one area of life, those negative effects are usually felt elsewhere.

Emotional Benefits of Individual Therapy

Emotionally, the benefits of successful therapy should include an overall increase in well-being and life satisfaction. Therapeutic effort often leads to a reduction in stress, increased confidence, enhanced motivation and improved insight into one’s mental and behavioral patterns. Increased mood, decreased anxiety, anger and guilt should also accompany efforts in counseling. Coping with life’s challenges, whether minor or life changing, is also a common outcome proportional to the time and effort invested in therapy. In the end, individuals should have a stronger sense of meaning and purpose helping to orient themselves wherever they find themselves amidst life’s circumstances.

Relational Benefits of Individual Therapy

Because individual counseling usually results in greater personal insight, this invariably leads to improved relationships. Increased awareness of self should have a positive relational effect because self-understanding promotes increased understanding of others leading to improved communication and responses. The “stories” we hold about situations begin to shift as we personalize them less and see them for what they are. We see our limitations more clearly as well as the limitations of others, react less and respond with greater care, responsibility, and confidence. Communication skills should improve in addition to the ability to effectively empathize and set healthy boundaries. Increased clarity of needs can help us invest in healthy relationships and let go of the one’s that detract from our well-being.

Physical Benefits of Individual Therapy

There is also a physical benefit commonly associated with successful individual counseling. When we are more confident, less stressed, cope better and have healthier relationships we inevitably have more energy, improved sleep, and are more eager to take better care of ourselves. It is difficult to care for ourselves effectively when we feel depressed, worried, anxious, or insecure. When these feelings are reduced, our natural energy invariably replaces the former feelings of fatigue and heaviness and we’re more poised to reach out into the world and aim where we are led by life’s passions.

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