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Reasons You May Need Couples Therapy

All couples disagree in one way or another in their relationship. The conflicts may vary; some may be small, large, or recurring; whichever the case, it is important to explore and work on them for the relationship to continue thriving. The best solution is to visit couples therapy sessions to help sort out your issues.

There are different reasons why partners may need to go for couples or marriage counseling; they include:

You Have Lots Of Hurtful Arguments

Couples handle conflicts differently; some may choose to be silent, confrontational, or even lead to physical fights. Whether the handling of the conflicts by the spouses is passive or aggressive, they will hurt the relationship or marriage. Couples counseling sessions will help diffuse conflicts healthy, respectable, and reasonable manner.

Premarital Counseling

Couples may face different issues before tying the knot, including finances, household duties, or even questions about the children. Premarital counseling will help sort some of these issues respectfully, contentedly, and amicably. Premarital counseling can also enable you to agree with your partner on how you will associate with your in-laws or even friends.

Couples Counseling Will Enable You To See The Other Side

It is often possible to ignore or fail to understand your partner’s side of the story. We are humans, and naturally, we’ll tend to focus more on ourselves or on “me” rather than “us” or “you.” A mental health professional will enable you to see issues from your partner’s perspective.

Life challenges can also prevent us from seeing how our partners look at things, and you will be surprised with what you may discover after visiting couples counseling sessions.

Communication Issues

Communication is one of the important aspects that hold relationships or marriages together. Lack of communication between partners can seriously damage a relationship, even for married couples. Relationship counseling can help couples develop excellent communication patterns or styles to strengthen their partnership or marriage.

Unfaithfulness Or Infidelity

Infidelity can hurt or even break marriages or relationships. However, if you and your partner want to get over the issue of unfaithfulness, seeking therapy as a couple can help resolve this problem. Both of you will have to be committed; a marriage counselor can provide emotion-focused therapy sessions that will enable you to get back together and continue having a meaningful life free from infidelity or unfaithfulness.

You Clash About Money

Money sometimes is a contentious issue and one of the major relationship problems that lead to a serious family conflict between couples. Different factors may contribute to this issue, including rising interest rates, reduced earning power, or potential health problems. Whichever the case, disagreements will stem from different aspects, including spending or saving styles.

One partner may feel unhappy with the way money is spent, or the partner earning more could feel like the other spouse is derailing their personal growth. Not having enough money or financial inequalities may also bring stress or evoke feelings of anxiety, envy, or anger. If you seek help from the right therapist, you and your partner can understand your money issues and shape your thoughts on how to deal with your financial matters as a couple.

Couples Therapy Provides A Safe Environment

Fighting with your partner is not a good thing, and people in your life may be negatively affected. You may also feel embarrassed, guilty, or shame if you fight in front of your friends, children, or other family members.

Couples therapy is a safe and secluded environment where you can cry, talk, or discuss issues without worrying about making a scene or upsetting anyone. A therapist will work hard to guide you and get long-lasting solutions to your relationship issues.

You Want to Avoid Divorce or Have an Amicable One

Marriage counseling sessions can help spouses remain together by discussing what they want to see change if they choose not to divorce. In some instances, a married couple may think about divorcing but want to see if they can salvage their union. In most of these situations, one partner may want to save the marriage while the other wants a divorce.

Divorces can hurt people close to the couple, including children or other relatives. A therapist can guide you through processing everything and moving on maturely without causing any damage to all the people involved. Also, both spouses may want a divorce when it has become apparent that their union cannot work; couples therapy will be helpful if you wish to have a less toxic split.

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Sylvia Flanagan is a highly trained and experienced therapist. She is a licensed marriage and family counselor in San Diego, CA, with a Mission Valley office. She has two bachelor’s degrees, two minor degrees, and a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.

With my educational background and life experiences, I will help you amicably and comfortably resolve your relationship issues with your spouse. I will also provide you with brilliant coping skills that will be helpful as you resolve your marriage or relationship problems. Contact me today and let me help save your marriage with long-lasting solutions that will enable you to continue enjoying a fulfilling and meaningful life as a family.

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