30 Date Ideas for Couples in San Diego

Keep it Fun and Keep it New!

Whether you’re going out for the first time, newly dating or have been together for a long while, it’s always wise to keep things fun with a good date. Below are some ideas to help keep things fresh. Go through the list below. If you do them all, sit down with your partner and write your own list of date ideas you’ve never done but would like to do together. Get creative! Then have fun checking them off as you do them!

30 San Diego Date Ideas

  1. Watch the sunrise & Make Breakfast Together.  Just about everyone does a sunset and a cocktail.  How about put a healthy, robust twist on the idea and meet to start the day together?
  2. Dress Up and Go to a Fabulous Brunch.  I don’t mean just go out to breakfast.  Dress up in some of your finest, make it fun and special.  If you can’t afford the restaurant to match the clothes, go anywhere and be the best dressed!  You set the tone.
  3. Indoor Rock Climbing.  There are several indoor rock climbing gyms.  Look up the one closest to you and test your strength and your trust for one another!
  4. See a Local Play.  San Diego has a lot of local theater.  Pick up a local rag or go online and choose a play that interests you both.
  5. Miniature Golf or the Driving Range.  When is the last time you went miniature golfing?  If you’re a regular golfer, then the driving range is familiar – if you’re not a golfer, it’s a new thing to try.
  6. Bike the Boardwalk.  Good, clean fun!Fotolia_44118265_XS
  7. Go Geocaching.  Geocaching is the modern day treasure hunt.  Any handheld GPS device will work.  Go to and type in your GPS coordinates and it will give you a list of geocaches to hunt for and will tell you their level of difficulty and the distance they are from you.
  8. Go Bowling.  There are still a few bowling alleys left in San Diego so go sport your fancy shoes and have a blast.
  9. Experience a Hornblower Cruise.  The San Diego Hornblower offers San Diego tours, Sunday brunch cruises, Dinner cruises and whale watching.  It’s something we locals often overlook.
  10. Go Ocean Kayaking.  Rent an ocean kayak and either self guide or get a guided tour.  La Jolla is a popular place to paddle and see sights.
  11. Paintball or Laser Tag.  Have a competitive, down and dirty side to you?  Paintball or Laser Tag would be right up your alley.  A fun and tactical team sport and exciting way to spend some time together.
  12. See an Imax Movie.  Everyone goes to the movies, but how often do you go to the IMAX?
  13. Take a Day class or Workshop Together.  Find out what common interests you have and choose a day class or workshop you can take together.  It can be a cooking class, an art class or a DIY workshop.
  14. Go to a Comedy Club.  Go online to the comedy clubs and choose a night that looks appealing to both of you.  Who wants to turn down a good laugh?
  15. Spend a Day Volunteering Together.  Volunteering is good for others and good for your relationship.  What better way to bring the two of you together than by spending the day helping out others.  And, if you’re newly dating, you might find out a bit more about your date’s character.
  16. Play Frisbee at the Park or Beach.  Bet it’s been a long time since you have done this!  Take your shoes off and run!
  17. Go Wine Tasting in Temecula.  Temecula has many wineries and it’s a great way to spend the day.  You can get tours of some of the wineries, find out how they make the wine and have a nice lunch.
  18. Take a Local San Diego Farm Tour.  Suzie’s Farm is an 80 acre organic farm and also has chickens.  They offer tours to the public on a regular basis.  For more information, visit
  19. Ice Skating or Roller Rink Skating.  Yep!  San Diego still has them!  Skateworld on Linda Vista Road offers roller rink skating (they also have an adults only night) and there are a few ice skating rinks up and running.
  20. Take a Gondola Ride.  Gondolas in San Diego?  The Gondola Company in Coronado offers private gondola rides.  A nice, quiet, romantic way to spend some of the day or evening!
  21. Have a Karaoke Night. – Get loud and crazy with one another!  Sing your favorite songs and show that other side of yourself.
  22. Go to the Drive in Theater Blast from the past!  There are still two drive in theaters fully operating in San Diego.  One is in South Bay and one is in Santee.  Double feature and $7 in South Bay and $8 in Santee!
  23. Day trip to Julian.  Julian is nice any time of the year.  In the winter, you’ll get snow if you time it right and the apple pie and food is great.  In the summer, it’s a nice, quiet retreat and there is hiking, local shopping and a good meal waiting.
  24. The Pearl “Dive in” Theater.  Nope, not “drive in”, but “dive in”.  The Pearl Hotel in Point Loma on Rosecrans offers a free movie poolside on their large screen and has food and drink in their poolside lounge.  The Dive In Theater is a great way to do a movie and dinner but make it very different and fresh.
  25. Go Antiquing, Garage Sale-ing or Swap Meeting.  San Diego has tons of antique communities including Ocean Beach and Adams Avenue.  Swap meets are in many communities and garage sales are abundant year round.  Get your eye set on that something special and go out on the hunt together.
  26. Go to a Dance Class.  Salsa? Line Dancing?  Fox Trot?  Rumba?  If you have rhythm and energy, then check out some local dance scenes.
  27. Go Horseback Riding.  If you’re outdoorsy and like animals, go on a guided horseback ride.  Many places in San Diego offer riding.
  28. Spend the Day at Belmont Park.  Ride the roller coaster or bumper cars right on the beach.
  29. Go to the Batting Cages.  Test your athletic skills and see who is the best hitter!
  30. Go Cart Rides. Miramar Speed Circuit is a great place to ride.  If you have a need for speed, this would be fun.

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