Find Your Zone!

Find Your Zone!

All of us get stressed and overwhelmed, but not all of us have an understanding of what can buffer us from worry and circumstance while helping move us to a calmer, more grounded place.  Whether your stress takes the form of anxiety or depression, knowing the antidote is good insurance against what could be unnecessary emotional upset.  Many people seek San Diego therapy during periods of increased stress while adjusting to difficult changes, and I want to share one helpful tip as a way to cope with that stress more effectively.

Find Your Zone in One of the Many Forms of Meditation

The broad swath of meditation dilutes the feelings and embodiment of stress and overwhelm, but meditation takes many forms.  In summary, meditation is anything that helps you focus, find “your zone” and not be aware of, or attached to, the many thoughts, worries, and beliefs that circulate through your mind and body.  It gives you a break from the stress, and rejuvenates and re-energizes your mind and body while releasing stress, overwhelm and tension.   For some, the traditional form of meditation serves that purpose – sitting quietly in a peaceful place while trying to quiet the mind.  Many people consider that the only type of meditation, but meditation is active as well as still.  There are as many forms of meditation as there are activities.  Jogging, painting, surfing, planting a garden, jewelry making, sewing, mountain biking, playing with your dogs, riding a horse, or even cleaning house are types of meditation.  The possibilities are quite endless.  The only important thing is you know what your form of mediation is and you do it.  What takes you to “the zone”.  The zone is the place where your thoughts largely stop, you’re immersed in the moment, you’re not thinking forward or backward and you get a break from the onslaught of stressful thoughts that seem to invade your head when you’re going through a worrisome period.  You come out feeling more refreshed, happier and lighter.  So, what is your meditation and what do you need to do to find your zone?  If you don’t know, I encourage you to discover it and utilize it.  And, use it not only when things get tough, but as a regular part of your routine.

As a therapist in San Diego, I often work with people for short periods of time while they are going through difficult times.  A large part of successful counseling is dependent upon what the client does outside the therapy office in between sessions.  The above suggestion of meditation is one example of what I suggest for someone to start feeling and coping better.  Most people work hard in many areas of their life and I want to encourage my clients to also make their well-being a priority thereby creating change having more contentment and successfully weathering the difficulties that life inevitably brings.

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